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Default New Computer for CoD


I used to fly quite a bit with IL2 but never purchased CoD due to my computer being a dinosaur. I've been watching for 4 years now and want to take a stab at flying with a new rig. I'm looking at the Digital Storm Eclipse with the following:

- Intel Core i5 4690K CPU
- 8GB 1600MHz Memory
- 120GB Samsung EVO SSD
- 1TB 7200RPM HDD
- H97 Chipset Motherboard
- 400W Power Supply
- Microsoft Windows 8.1

I'd switch out the windows 8.1 for windows 7 as I don't want the install hassles.

I don't really plan on playing any other games so I don't want to spend a ton of cash, this configuration is $1300. Will this rig give me smooth game play?

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