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Originally Posted by Houndstone Hawk View Post
Hmm. Sounds as if you were indeed playing this great console SIM on the default arcade settings (and therefore was little surprise you were bored after 3 minutes), because with the copy of the game I have, there was no way you could leave the craft in an inverted state & go get your beer because if you did you would red-out very quickly followed by a quick inverted dive to terra-firma.
And yes; Energy Airforce & Over G are basically the same game; the energy airforce logo is present throughout the games interface & aircraft.

Referring to your 1st post on this topic; 3 minutes to form an opinion on a game that simulates a complex area such as flight (& done so very well with Over G & Energy Airforce) is a very clever gift to have. Not being a huge fan of Birds of Prey, it did take me a good, careful 6 or so hours before I could finally say 'nope, good graphics but little else'
Maybe I missed something, but I spent quite a bit of time with Over G and tried lotsa different settings before I traded it in. It's been a while, but I just don't remember the game having anything to do with flight, more like choose your space age weapons and blast away. It could be that the "flight" aspects of the game were too deeply buried in the window dressing for me to appreciate it. It's too bad, 'cause I really did want to like the game. I'm glad you're having some fun with it though. Different strokes and all that...

After reading Krypyonite's post, it is possible that I'm confusing OverG with AC6. I tried them both, and to be honest I couldn't find much difference and I traded in both. I've tried every flight game that's ever come out for 360, and BoP is the only one I still play. Not that BoP is all that much better, I just prefer it for some reason. Maybe I just like shooting Nazis.

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