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Default help needed with star wolves 2

hello all,

i love starwolves and i played 1 alot,

now when 3 comes out i boughed it and got 1 and 2 for "free" on steam

both games works but i have alot of problems with star wolves 2,

for one it has an erupt end :s wich i still not get


i picked the pirate path, so after following the "path" you get a mission to bring the "device" you stole from the uss earlyer to BOA (or BAO) trading station

there the AI dude waits for you and somehow she takes the "(apperently a mega bomb) and destroyes humanity :s and the game ends.

i realy was like WTF cause it felt like i was half way through the game and i just had my squad complete, i tried to destroyed the ship first, wich i did but then when i flew there with my mother ship the same shit happened again :s

so i hope when picking another path will be way diverent ending and way more fun cause this was just crap realy

please help
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