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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
Actually, it's not the cops that are so bad. It's the blame that stinks. If someone cuts you off, and/or hits you, YOU get blamed. It's a one way street in that respect. If you cut someone off, you're nailed instantly! While fines are being thrown left & right, you can blow the doors of the cops doing 90+, and NOTHING HAPPENS! I think the cops should be more realistic like 18 WoS. At least there they got you for red lights, speeding, and violating rest laws. I didn't mind any of those.
you've got a good point. but it's almost always the truck driver that gets blamed in real life as well so they did get that right in a way. and I agree the 18wos police were good...aside from not being able to turn right on red. that was annoying.
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