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My hat is off to 1C. That was a great trailer, and from the interview I read that was posted here it sounds like we may have a real contender for the next addictive, action-based mmo (and we really need one!).

Really hoping that 1C are fans of old UO and AC.

Couple of questions:

1) It appears there is a possibility of human-only playable races. Could it be that we will get a ridiculous amount of equipment customization as a trade-off?

2) Will we be choosing from timeless classics like the fighter, mage, and priest, or can we do whatever the heck we want?

3) Will each server be a single world, or will there be endless instances of all dungeons?

4) With servers in mind, can you please consider a pvp-only server, where everyone can fight everyone? You don't really even need to support this server, just make it happen then leave it be for the most part.
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