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Originally Posted by Jihad_Joe View Post
Whether arcade, realistic, or simulation mode, I wish the following to mimic real wwii air war:

6. Planes should have rated performance according to , durability, maximum speed, and firepower. An I-153 might have a rating of 10 for manueverability but 1 for durability and speed. A spit can have a rating of 5 for manueverability but 10 for speed and firepower, and an 8 for durability. In this way, we can realistically mimic the characteristics of the real planes.
Good ideas all except for your number 6. This is simplifying flight characteristics far too much. Manueverability and speed for each plane changes at different altitudes for each plane, aswell as different charateristics in climb and dive (P-47 = Speed 10 in dive).

Example, Something like a P-51D Mustang would have a maneuverability rating of about 3 or 4 at the low altitude and speed that the I-153 rates as 10. Now take the fight up to 15,000ft and to around 270mph (I153 max speed) I-153 would now rate 1 or 2 on the maneuverability. The Mustang on the other hand would rate 8 at that speed. At even higher speed the Mustang would have a maneuverability rating of 10.

Also Spitfire V Typhoon. Typhoon faster than Spitfire at low altitude. Spitfire much faster at higher altitude.

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