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yes, yes, so do i... but after so many years of dealing with buggy, sloppy programmed games i am getting a bit tired sometimes of having to invest endless amounts of time just in order to get something running normally which i bought for good money.
If it would be the only bug in CLOD i wouldnt mention it.. i had read the forums before and knew it was buggy, but i hoped it had become somehow playable by now after some patches... unfortunately i find it still a major example of general sloppiness of the programmers...

This video bug for example could have been eliminated long ago... its a known bug, easy fix i would assume.. but no... it lingers on...
Crossfire is not really working....
My FFB keeps cutting out and in and sometimes has no centering at all..
Antialiasing is a mess..
General performance is still horrible...
with other words:
Simple basic functionality is still totally crappy and buggy.

I am pi..ed that i was so stupid to buy it out of curiosity...i should have known better...
Maybe i ll check it again end of next year...
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