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Originally Posted by Mysticpuma View Post
Wierd isn't it that we knew SoW as Storm of War(before it changed) but no one knows (in the replies so-far) what it is currently called?

So where did BoM come from?

As I said in a earlier post in this thread, the name was "Battle for Moscow". My understanding was the Battle "for" Moscow was a russian third party addon for the new IL-2 engine introduced at the Russian trade show, as already mentioned by Feathered. The Sequel had always been rumoured to be "the Med", but I believe the delays forced the developers to integrate the russian third party group into the development so they could release a Sequel as soon as possible for the much needed cash flow. The new name will most likely be in the pending "official announcement". I doubt the name will continue to be the "Battle for Moscow", as some of the screenshots appear to show the Stalingrad area, which suggests a broader area than the battle around "Moscow".
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