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Its an old discussion/argument.

If you had a 1:1 perspective the processing power needed would huge.

It has a feeling of "Micro Machines" at times and you don't feel immersed in the terrain due to its smaller size,
probably why air fields look huge on maps in perspective of the landing requirement for the aircraft,
also its proportionally incorrect due to making maps "playable" back in the old days when 8-16mb GPU's were the high end marque.

Its also the same with shipping, carriers etc they seem too small when flying near them or landing on them.

It would be cool to have something done to make the games perspective seem like your in it rather than viewing from too far away,
its difficult to explain exactly why you don't have the sensation of a 1:1 environment but i hope the rambling above helps.


One game I did see, and had a go of, was Wings of Prey, my son was messing around in it flying a P51 low level in winter through a tree lined valley,
the perspective was spot on and it felt like you were actually flying past snow covered trees instead of the terrain we have in IL2 1946,
the trade off being of course the WOP maps are tiny in comparison to Il2.


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