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Originally Posted by SaQSoN View Post
All maps are 1:1 scale. Some buildings, however have bad, out of scale textures.

Check out this site:

It has WWII aerial photos of various Soviet cities overlayed on google maps, so you can check out how this cities grew since then.
I see a Moscow map but I don't understand Russian to navigate the site well enough to know exactly what you are trying to say, its probably not what I'm talking about the maps 1:1 perspective not its size geographically.

Originally Posted by Igo kyu View Post
They weren't high end, they were middle of the range. Which is where most of the customers were, so that was where the market was.

I built a computer back in 2000, it had an Athlon 1GHz, and a 64MB AGP 4 graphics card, I could have bought a faster Athlon if I'd wanted to spend a lot more money, but I don't remember how much faster the absolute top of the range was. The AGP was a GeForce 2 GTS/PRO (that's confused, but it's what the maker called that particular card), there was an Ultimate above it, I suspect with the same ram capacity.
Even today not everyone flying IL2 uses top high end GPU CPU.

The 8-16mb cards were most common in use it the beginning of IL2 with 3DFX making some of the best at the time before 2000 and the later Nv cards who bought out 3DFx Voodoo the Voodoo 5 128 card was one of the most expensive at the time.

64 mb cards were probably the norm around its release 2000 era still considered high end due to the fact most other games were just emerging from the caves and flight sims were the most demanding software out there.

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