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Originally Posted by Anhvu View Post
I don't understand why, but I keep getting a warning saying that I leave too much evidence behind. I don't see how that is considering that I haven't been spotted at all. There absolutely no warning of any sort that I been alerting the guards. In fact, I get this warning message even before I penetrated the german defense line. ... It is really irritating, that the mission might have a bug. I also have noticed that the AI tends to randomly wander into the no-man's land between the trenches, do you think the AI is setting off the alarm?
I honestly don't know what triggers those ominous "leaving too much evidence behind" messages either, Anhvu, but I doubt it has anything to do with the AI wandering into enemy territory. At least its never had any effect in my playthorugh of the mission. In fact, I've frontally assaulted several trenches at long range with my squad and downed a few opponents w/o ever setting off an alarm. After a while I simply ignored the notices and kept on playing, eventually achieving all of the objectives and completing the level.

The only thing that continuously got me into trouble was improperly hidden bodies, i.e. neglecting to patiently monitor enemy patrol routes before dumping them. Unfortunately, by the time they were discovered and the alarm sounded I was usually somewhere on the other side of the map, essentially forcing me to revert to a long-previous save and losing a serious amount of gameplay as a consequence.

Originally Posted by JackS7917 View Post
Use your sniper to shoot out a search light or two to help you advance up to the base.
Shooting out searchlights is a good tip, JackS7917. Unfortunately, I've found that some operators dismount and permanently position themselves so inconveniently that their field of view continuously blocks a vital route w/o my being able to remove them silently afterwards. Consequently, some lights are best left alone imo, and easier to sneak around rather than disable. In any case, it's a good idea to save the game before attempting this in order to test the consequences, lest you accidentally paint yourself into a corner in the process.

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