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Originally Posted by Tree_UK View Post
I wouldn't buy it now, I would wait , if you buy now then the game will be missing lots of the promised features, the next patch is the last and if it is anything like the previous patches it will break as much as it fixes. After the final patch there will be no more support for CLOD, it will be officially dead, the only way to get the missing promised features will be to buy the sequel (surprise surprise), the sequel will allegedly contain everything that is in CLOD, but this time the game will work, i.e, no more building pop ups, stuttering, flickering trees, broken netcode, trees you can fly through etc etc etc. So it makes sense to wait for the sequel and only pay once.
My interpretation of the sequel path is that the sequel, Battle of Moscow (or whatever it's called), will be a STAND ALONE game that will install OVER COD if desired. You will NOT get COD content in the sequel. If you already own COD then the game/graphics engine will be patched to that in the sequel.

I'm probably wrong though.

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