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Originally Posted by Sokol1 View Post
1 - No way to install the game without STEAM (end stop).

2 - Even if you get a DVD (that was write with files of an older version of the game ~ early 2011) when install, STEAM delete the files and download a updated version with last official patch (December, 2013).

3 - Thus is not need media (physical or digital) to install the game, just a key code (what you already have) to install the game through the STEAM (modern school).

3 - The game is actually enjoyable if install Team Fusion patch's - over the last official -
TF 3.0, 3.01 - 4.0 - 4.30 - 4.312.

G’day Sokol1

Yes I do realise that you have to have Steam for COD and that the disk media is not really required to re-install, also the fusion mod are why I’m eager to give COD another go.

The issue is that the account that I originally registered my COD key on is in constant use. As you can not have a simultaneous login active on multiple PCs or are able to deregister a key and move it to another account, the results being that this key is fundamentally dead to me, so I am stuck with having to obtain a new key via physical media, because its far cheaper than buying one directly from Steam.

So to clarify my question, will the key from a German copy of DVD allow me to install the COD in English?

By the way did I mention how much I hate Steam, I have had numerous bad experiences with this totally inflexible echo systems.

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