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Question NESF storyline

Originally Posted by Nanaki View Post
There are five main paths. Triada, NESF, NSF, Inoco, and Independant.

You start Triada by going to Triada

NSF by going to the NSF

NESF by going to the mercenaries

Inoco if you fail the mission for any of the above, you will get a message to go to an Inoco system and you can do their mission.

Independant if you fail a mission after officially starting a path.

Each of the main paths also has sub-paths. NSF has Viper vs Trump, Inoco has AI vs CEO (forgot their names), Triada and NESF also have their branches but I know nothing about them, although I do know there are a few branches were you can join the greys.

ive played all Triada/MSF/Inoco/Alex storylines ... i want to play NESF path but i donno from where i can choose to play with them.
you say by going to the mercenaries. The choices which were given to me are MSF/ Triad / Alex .. there was no mercenaries
am i the only one who is experiencing that !!
if there is a solution for this problem plz tell me
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