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Exclamation Star Wolves 1 FRENCH localization , steam version


First I really hope that some french people will see this post ^^
So, here is the story: I bought star wolves on steam, and despite the fact that there is a french version of the game, names "Star Wolves : Corsaires de l'espace" , the steam version is in english only

I hope that someone with the french version can send me the french files or help me debug/hack the steam version.

I know that there are .fnt files and that these files are bitmaps of fonts.
I know that there are .tuv files that are coordinates of letters inside .fnt files
I know that there are .loc files that contain the localized texts and that these files arent plain hex strings !

So does someone know how the hell those files are working ? I mean i can modify .fnt files to add the missing latin characters (ie: é è à ç ...) and even add the coordinates to .tuv files, but HOW can I decipher thos cryptic .loc files ???

plz help ^^
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