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Originally Posted by gaunt1 View Post
C4 is slightly superior to Pe-3bis. D1, E2, and even G2 are no match at all. F-2 may be equal, or just slightly inferior, needs testing.
Well, I'd prefer F2 at low alt and G2 at high. But I agree, the testing is required.

So far, I can win at both sides, against ace AI, one on one, using E2, F2, G2 vs Pe-3/3bis. AI G2 is the most difficult for me due to speed advantage at higher alt. AI Pe-3bis is the most difficult for me when I fly C and E variants of Bf 110.

Need to try 2 vs 2. Should be interesting.
I have lost once against Bf 110E2 at low level in multiplayer. Was too overconfident and decided to play turn game instead of climbing. The opponent was good and punished me after several minutes of intensive fight.
Q: Mr. Rall, what was the best tactic against the P-47?
A: Against the P-47? Shoot him down!
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