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Dersu: Verona, Uzala
Umkas: Dersu, Uzala, Nameless island, Reha
Well this stinks. Uzala is now the only island I haven't uncovered and I would welcome it for some extra free experience, but here's the deal:

1 of 2 navigational charts on Dersu turned out to be a scroll. The other spawned in the "frog area" which is blocked on the one side by the huge orc fellow and on the other by the orc in love who will let me pass and collect the map to Uzala when -- and here's the good part -- I collect the remaining pearls from Uzala.

Ok, fine, so I went to ghastly Umkas and after some gruesome kiting attempts fished out Nameless and a wanderer's scroll. I thought the latter was a stroke of bad luck, but was sure the Uzala map had to be in the third location, close to mama bear & her cubs. Well, guess what, I got a 4th frickin Magical flow scroll instead.

So, Uzala is esentially shut for me, unless I beat the huge orc guy or Hagni for the wings, both of which are pretty difficult fights on impossible.

Sorry about that, felt the need to vent. /end rant
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