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In KBTL I had the Demetrius Staff (-20% leadership of demons) and Anga's Ruby, and had Demon and Demoness in my party; completing that lineup was Inquisitors, Shamans, Emerald Green Dragons.

It was a pain to keep the party at no-loss since Demon/Demoness/Shaman were all level 4 units and needed a level 3 Resurrect to recover losses; the Inquisitors, btw, can't touch/resurrect demons. So even if I just lost 1 single Demon I needed to cast a high-mana Resurrect spell for it.

In KBAP, a lineup consisting of Demon/Executioner/Archdemon/Demonologist/Demoness would be nice, but would be a pain to keep at no-loss. I haven't tried using a Paladin unit type to supplement this lineup, but if they could indeed resurrect demons of level 1-4 then they would be great to add (take out the archdemon?). As for his morale...

As for the Paladin character class skill (not the Paladin unit type) it would happily resurrect all losses for one stack of any type, but I found out that it still counts as losses in the record; that's why I stopped playing my Paladin game and played Warrior instead.

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