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Now it just leaves one question unanswered.
Which character is more suitable - paladin or mage.
Paladin would be immensely helpful with ressurection, then higher leadership for demonologists, higher defence resulting in less ressurecting.
However, there are so many mage skills needed:
order magic 3 - ressurect up to level 4 units
distorsion 3 - time back, phantom, target
summoning 3
chaos 2+ - my preferred tactics if there are no archers left : fear the last unit and start ressurecting for 4 turns without worrying.
loads of mana available..
I think i stick with mage.
Now line -up will be : archdemon, demon, executioner, demonologists and then...again demonesses or little imps? Demoness is slow. imp is low level unit so it may screw up fear tactics
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