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Originally Posted by DGDobrev View Post
- Struggle with the darkness
Mauron Dark has a special parameter, called "Power of Darkness". When he joins, it's at 100%. After each battle, it is modified by:
-5, if there are undead in the enemy army
-4, if there are demons in the enemy army
+2, if there are demons in your army
+1, if there are undead in your army
Each of these modifiers is standalone. So, for example, if there are both demons and undead in your and enemy army, the modifier will decrease by: -5-4+2+1=-6.

When the parameter reaches 0%, you will get a very special and powerful item "Shard of Darkness". When equipped, it improves the Attack of all Black Knights by 10 and grants them the "always retaliates" ability.
I've been meaning to ask:
by "army" does it mean "of those five troops that you use" (which is the trigger for morale, for example Humans w/Undead or Demons, or Dwarves w/Elves)
by "army" does it mean "any of the seven slots you have [five to use in combat, + 2 in Reserve]"?

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