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Originally Posted by Brain32
I have a few questions
Will there be anything new in terms of pilot modelling in SoW series?
To expand the question a bit:
Will there be pilot fatigue due to G-forces modelled?
Will virtual pilot still be limited by 50lbs pull on the stick or two handed pulls will be possible?

About FM itself...I've heard about various effects of weather on the plane, but is(I'm pretty sure it is but I hope for some details ) FM itself further improved from present il2 state?
I've heard rumors that we will literary have to learn to fly from scratch...

Thx in advance
Pilot: Ebven charachter of pilot will be modelled. Fatigue as well.

50 Lb is really for two hands as a midle force with which possible to pilot aircraft still in the frame that to do not chrash...

FM isn't the thing that you need to learn again. Some differences in complex situations... but in general fly the same or very close to what is. It will be different in details and more adjustable for different aircaraft types.