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Angry I just bought Rig & Roll

Hi all, I hope people can assist here. I just bought Righ & Roll 1 week ago. I noticed some crashing bugs that happend right at playing, but was able to get past them and play the game. What a fun game.. lol. Being that I am from Cali, being able to drive on these highways crack me up. Their are a few descrepencies, but then again, some things you see on the side of the road, are on the side of the road....

Ok so to my problem, I am on the Gorge level. I hope people understand what that means. Before I got the call from Dakota saying blblabla, and lets meet at the truck stop at hwy 395/108.... Well I am still trying to pass this. The problem I have is I'll save my game throughout playing the game, but I can only save prior to that phone w/ dakota all of a sudden. I have no idea if it has to do w/ that level I am at, or if the game just crashes. Anyhow, I haven't solved that stupid level yet, and did figure out the backroads you have to drive on. My problem is i have to start over 30 minutes in the passed just to rstart... I have tried 4 times alread (2 hours!). the game will crash randomly.

Ok, and besides that I have tried to apply the patch, but the patch says I have no RignRoll installed.

So, very bugged issues. I got upto this level, but cannot get passed it. Don't want to go too far back, but sadly I might have to restart the game. Honestly I don't want to waste time if the program is just going to crash.

What is wrong w/ level "the gorge"? Why can't we save after the original phone call w/ Dakota that explains where to meet? We can realy save, but if you load the level up, it crashes within seconds of loading. Thus making me have to back through my archives of saves.... at least 30 minutes. Lol if I fail the level... I lost atleast an hour of game time or my life.

sigh... anyone else had this issue? I am just trying to get passed that level and move on w/ the story line.

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