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- Sounds, engines, and various sounds,( sorting/ gearing sound, horn, blown air brakes, jake braking .....etc)
- What's the mirrors with cockpit views. Looking at my reflection in the mirror he saw trailer truck side ... Possibility to adjust mirrors (down, up, left to right)
-all views that game allows. I would like to view the free camera! (inerior adjusting perspective (sitting up, sit down, sit forward, sit back))
- Detailed view> the functionality of all lights and indicators in the interior of that work.
- View as it involved disconnect trailer outside the Warehouse
-functional traffic lights in town and how the AI cars obey traffic lights
- In the cities to see pedestrians
-introduction and overview of all types of trucks in game (I wait in vain to see Volvo and its interior)
-see that the AI vehicles flashing indicator light, changing lanes, exits from the highway intersection to the right, left, etc.
see all kinds of weather (fog, smog, sun day, wind (tornado?), Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ... etc.
-see what to do in bars, motels, options to withdraw from the truck and how freedom of movement
- Look on two lanes roads, small towns, wilderness, birds, animals and what their sounds in the woods no only highway......etc.
-View bird's eye view of the traffic density in urban areas. (Constipation, column?)

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