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Lightbulb How to IMPROVE the next Necrovision/FPS

Hello, I am the author of this test of the game : Test on, but it is in French.

I just wanted to pinpoint a few facts the developpers should know about, if they want to make an even better game the next time.

The main problem is that the rythm of the game is too constant, so there are not enough intense fights that stand out from the others. The action is the same all the way during a level, everything just seems to repeat itself, but it really should vary.
There should be some places with fewer or weaker ennemies, and then suddenly, a room/an arena with a lot of them. And different waves of different ennemy combinations. There are too much waves of just one-two enemy types.

A good example is Serious Sam. You fight your way quite easily to a big room, and in the big room you fight different waves of different kinds/combinations of enemies.

In a nutshell : differences in rythm, arenas with waves of different enemy combinations. It should not feel repetitive with the same fights and enemy encounters for a too long time. Diversity is the key !

The sniper parts where also a bit easy, there should have been some good enemy snipers at some point, or flying creatures for example dropping beasts that chase the player in close combat.

Apart from that ? The game was great, intense gameplay even if the beginning is very classic. The monster and environment design was good. The fights and weapons were a real pleasure, and the souls to regain health was a very good idea as it made the player be able to concentrate on the kills and not on his health.
The adventure part was very original, like good old games from the past.

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