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Originally Posted by Lord Ludwig View Post
It's not really that hard, at least not if you happen to be a seasoned panzer general, fantasy general and people's general player (the games of the late nineties - early 00's which inspired FW and EL).

I always played on hard, mostly going for gold. The original FW was challenging only in the second and third scenario of each campaign plus the mission on ticsus; EL wasn't that bad either (although some times you had to skip a secondary mission to meet gold time limits). Ranger is tricky in the solo missions where you literally are not allowed a single wrong move but not so difficult for the rest. Siege, in my experience, is the hardest of them all, I completed it on hard but had to settle for a couple bronze victories (will retry sooner or later). Magic is easier again, but the first two missions with the dwarven rune mage force you to either bypass most secondary objectives or settle for bronze. The final fight is disappointingly easy if you handle it right. The bonus mission playing as farrakh is instead extremely difficult, while I haven't tried the one as ugraum yet.
I finished most of the Panzer General series, they were tough but not too tough.

Elven Legacy is too difficult for me on normal difficulty. Too bad, because it can be a fun game. I guess I could go down to easy difficulty, but more enjoyable games await. Another poorly balanced game from 1C (I loved the King's Bounty series, but the balance on those games was poor as well). Who are they designing these games for? It's no wonder they aren't that popular.
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