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Default Hurricane MkII 767 IAP

Here's his Mate8!
Must of had a great artist with them.
Hurricane MkII 767 IAP

Since the photo's are from the same unit they show the artwork on possibly both side's!
I have added the artwork on both tail fin's.
I haven't added the star on the top wing as both photo's don't seem to show it.
It would of looked better from a modelling perspective!
Anyway if someone knows better and can prove that they indeed did have the star on the upper wing I'll be delighted to add it.
But at this point I'll try to keep it as historically as possible.
Added the strip as the artwork has depicted it.
There maybe a tiny star on the front of the nose. It is impossible to add this on the current 3D template so I did a 1 pixel line to represent it on the nose.

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