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Default Setbacks TF4 Ju87 T6AD (Russia) and T6AC (unknown)

2 skins.

Setbacks TF4 Ju87 T6AD (Russia) and T6AC (unknown).

[Note – pictures/screenshots are not showing during site repair.
Download link is at the bottom of the box titled 'Data' on the right hand side]:

-markings, no swastika

My other Ju-87Bs for TF4 – Downloads:

6G+AD France May 40

S2+DN Crimea April 1942

T6+KN France, August 1940

F1+AR Arad, Romania

T6+HL France

6G+DR Russia 1941

More screenshots

I hope you like them,
All CoD screenshots here:


Flying online as Setback.

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