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Post [SW1] Mutators Mod

I found this mod on my G:\ mods archive of star wolves.

Its a Mutators Mod and Application for Star Wolves 1 where you can adjust almost all XML Values in the game and randomize Fleet Sizes/Amounts and stuff.

I thought I'd make it available here, since I only found it just recently (actually, today)

  • ALL GLOBAL STATS are Customizable (Atleast those in the xml files)
  • Fleet Sizes and Strengths are randomized and Customizable
  • Comes with 4 batch file Mutators: "Double DMG for all Weapons/Turrets", "All Ships half Half Life and Half Shield", "Low Cost for all Ships", "Quad DMG for all Rocketry"

Last Notes: It comes with a prepackaged Game/ folder that contains the "Defaults" of the Mutator mod. Use this incase the program doesnt work for you.
The Batch files basically describe on how to pass the arguments to use the mutator tool.

Tutorial: Say you want to make all ships stupid fast, then youd have to make a batch file containing the following:
start "" "SWX.ModularMods.XMLMutators.exe" Game/ Carcasses 4.0 BigShip,Bomber,Interceptor max_speed
"Game/" describes where the xml files are at.
"Carcasses" describes the xml file and master XML Node
"4.0" is the mult factor
"BigShip,Bomber,Interceptor" is/are the name(s) containing our property [You can use multiple by using the , delimiter]
"max_speed" is the node of which we want to apply the mult factor on.

Incase you want to adjust the fleet strengths/sizes, they are at the top of the "Scripts/Include/create_flight_2.script" file

Mod by: "PytRk" [SWX.MM.RU] (2013)
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