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Kickoff To The Story-Line.
Assuming you have went to Nicks' Office, and purchased a truck with the money you got by selling your old one, and going to the Repair Shop.... Your journey will begin here. After you leave the repair shop, go up the ramp right in front of you. Take the first left, and then another left onto Highway 101 South. Don't go too fast. Trixy will be down the road about 1/4 mile. Pick her up. She's got good info. Keep locating Trixy after you drop her off. She'll tell you where you can find her, and some jobs. During your ride with Trixy, Crane calls you up, and will ask to barrow your 'lug-wrench' (Remember this, it will come up later). This is the kickoff to the 'Story-Line'

Matt calls you, and tells you that Dorothy is in trouble, and he needs your assistance to help her. During the cut-scene with the gangsters rig chasing yours, keep your foot on the gas. This is useful because when the cut-scene is over you'll already be moving. Otherwise you'll be starting from a stand-still, and probably will be killed, as it takes time to get some speed up. You need to hit 80mph fairly quickly, with some distance between you, and the gangsters. If you have the 'Booster', by all means use it, but remember it's a gas hog, so have some fuel to support it. The 'Extra Gas Tank' comes in handy here too.
1 minute of real time equals 24 minutes of game-time. This is very important on some missions where you may need to go to the hotel, or park idly somewhere, and kill some time.

You get a phone call from the police asking you to come by for a chat. This comes up regardless of the "Save Dorothy" outcome. The police station is located in Oxnard. Pull up the map, and you'll see the arrow. There should be no problem getting there on time. I got this message somewhere between Colfax, and Sacramento. I even picked up a load at Santa Barbara to Oxnard, and made it with time to spare.

This is the next step after you find out from the Detective that Matthew is missing. Take note at the time of day it is on the PDA. The stranger does not have a set time when he arrives. For the most part I have noticed that he arrives between 6pm-midnight. So if you're early, go to the hotel, and check in for 1 hour. Go back to the diner, and see if he's there. If not, go back to the hotel, and repeat as before. Only do an hour at a time. The mission clock still goes on when you're in the hotel. You know the stranger is in the area because, his truck is parked by the diner. The stranger gives you information about Jack in Santa Barbara, that appears to be crucial to the story. I don't believe you get to meet Jack without first talking with the stranger.

While doing this mission, I stopped to talk to a woman that needed a voodoo doll to be delivered at the same place you're to meet Jack Murdoc (Part 1). My second attempt (Part 2) to meet with Jack, he was not there, but his crony's were, and said to come back tomorrow. This leaves you plenty of time to pick up loads, or races if you want.

You get to meet with Jack Murdoc between 6pm-12 midnight the following day. You will race him, and if you win, he will give you informant ion about Matt. Don't let him get ahead of you. Keep driving until you get to the cut-scene. If he wins, he takes your truck, and you become bankrupt, and the game will end. As always, you should save your game often.

To save Topo's business from bankruptcy, you must meet with Topo, and agree to deliver a "Special Cargo". If you complete this mission, you will own Topo's company, and Topo will have no hard feelings toward you.

You'll have to go through a wild goose chase here, but it's essential if you want to save Topo's business that will become yours if you complete it. It's fairly easy to do if you know your way around the area. The Navigation device could prove useful here. If you fail the mission, you'll lose the game!

Matt calls you for a meeting. Things start to get interesting.

An interesting development here. You find out that Jack Murdoc is dead, and your lug-wrench was found at the scene (the one you loaned to Crane earlier). I would keep an eye out on Crane. Maybe two eyes!

Mr. Cunning explains certain events.

Dakota explains things in more detail. You, and Monica (the reporter you may have met earlier if you took her mission at Redding) agree to assist him.

I won't have to explain anything here. The videos will speak for themselves. I did manage to get a load from L.A. to Oxnard, before chasing down Matt with time to spare. This total mission time is about 30 minutes.
You'll get some more information in these videos about the 'Kid-nappers threat & Hide-out'. The 'Californian Runner Mission' is optional. Refuse all other missions except the final one to Bridgeport! If you take on any mission from here on out, and then get the 'Bridgeport Mission', you will loose a ton of money because, the 'Bridgeport Mission' will cancel all other missions, and you'll incur a forfeiture penalty on all existing missions, and loads you currently have. I was just lucky to get the 'Californian Runner Mission' because, I was in the right place at the right time, and it was fairly quick. You'll see what I mean in the videos.

The final chapter in the Story-Line is coming up! Don't miss it! I have worked hard on these video 'Walk-Throughs' for all of you to view. I hope you've enjoyed my efforts, as much as I've enjoyed bringing them to you.

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for!

I hope you liked my guide to aid you in the completion of the 'Story-Line'. I did enjoy making, and bringing it to you. Many thanks for your viewing.

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