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Default same problem, but i have a clue

Same problem, but I might have an interesting clue as to why!
OS: XP Professional SP2
Processor: Intel 4300 dual @3.00Ghz
Memory: 3Ghz DDR2
Video Card name: 8800GTS 320Megs
Driver Version: (169.21)
Monitor: 22" Chimei
Protection: Starforce

ok here's the deal. It crashes in the English campaign, battle of Falkirk, always at the same spot.
When i aggitate the enemy Pikemen, (shooting arrows into them), it crashes. same thing as the others, Access Violation or whatever.
This is what makes it interesting.
The Pikemen are in round formation.
When I load any other save, even from the tutorials, and I order a unit into round formation.....then ask them to move.....crash.
it's as though the computer doesn't mind seeing round formations, but seeing round formations on the move? bad.
Can anyone else experiencing this problem give this a try? make a round formation...then move them. see what happens.

also, i tried turning every graphics setting to minimum and it didn;t make a difference. Please help, I am really enjoying this game so far!

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