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Originally Posted by nilloc93 View Post
alright 1st off is there a walkthrough on how to use direct controll cause all i can get my guy to do is stand there and shoot. and i don't need some special mode to do that
2nd is there a walkthrough for the "behind enemy lines" and the "capture the admiral" mission?
3rd if there are no walkthroughs what the hell am i supposed to do on behind enemy lines mission like aside from randomly planting dinamite i found this exeptionally vauge on my orders from a game that ususally puts it so simple "capture hill" "hold this area" "clear the town" this mission is rediculessly hard and confusing

and honestly whats with all the stealth missions in the game you should have called it "men of stealth and some war"
The capture the admiral mission is pretty eazy. go around to the back of the camp. Killing the patrol guys with knife. Once you kill the guy drag the body to hide it. click on item to get you knife in. once around back use darkness to cover 1 guy. get to the building and get to admirals room. kill the guard. took me about an hour to figure this out.
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