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you have not to stealth in all of the "stealth missions". mostly i trie to hijack a hard hitter like a antiaircraftvehicle with strong antiinfantry abilities. then i drive around in the enemy base and shot at all antitankguns at long range. before they realise whats going on their crews are dead. light cannons are extremely good at flating building too. just shoot at the roof.

in "capture the admiral" i did not try to stealth after several useless attempts. i took all mg34 out of the opel blitz. i cleared all patrols outside the wall. i cleared all gates. i set ambushes for the troops trying to help the gate guards. i placed guards at all three gates. when there were enemies coming too fight i through grenades over the wall at them. the ki has no sense of danger in this case. the admiral tries only to escape when you come near to the central building of the level with your men. so clear the camp before getting in the vicinity of the central building. when the meeting is going on, build up your forces by new partisan troops position a squad of 4 men inside the building. use the mines behind the building to trap the gates. drop the mines by the sides of the gatewalls not on the road. those armored cars drive not on the road. they are smart . let 2 of your men camp outside of the residence. give them some atgrenades. when later some tanks and amcars jump at the mainbuilding, those reserves can sneak up from behind and blow those amcs up with atnades. just call in more reserves when things get too tight. let them rush directly into the building. if you have one living soldier inside the building you can't loose. wait till the unvisible timer is gone. victory.

have fun with this walkthrough for "an admirals capture" .

Behind enemy lines hast two parts. first the stealth action. then the main attack on the defense line.

part one stealth:
i dont want to make a map because its just too much effort. so i try to explain the stealth part. stay out of flares and spotlight. so keep in dark places. bushes are your best friend. and the quickload button of cause. make savegames in several files. after saving let pass some time when you men are in good hiding places. when no alarm is triggered savegame is okay. dont overwrite secured savegames in this mission. alarm might be triggered right after saving. and then you can nothing do against it.

on your starting location is a truck. take the minesweeper out of it. in the middle of the defense line is a hole. rush for that hole. when patrols are near your men try to crawl. follow the main road up the hill. its mined. use your minesweeper to secure a path. look out for patrols. hide in the dark when they come. look at your mission briefing where extracting point is. go right for it with all of your men. wait for video sequense. win.

part two: ARGH
you have to crush the enemy defense line before your reinforcement counter is zero. thats the hard part. all the green allied troops on the map that are slaughtered by the german defenses are your reinforcements. and they are depleating very fast. so time is important in this mission. you can't just sit around and hope that the sheer overwhelming sowiet forces crush the german defenses. and the germans make a tough last stand.

first build up your forces. take 3 medium tanks, many infantry squads, some snipers. let your tanks shoot from relative safe behind spots at their targets. dont rush with them into the trenches. let your sniper kill threats for your men from behind. shoot those antiaircraft vehicles at sight. they will slaughter your soldiers when they have time. with combined infantry and tank forces you slowly crawl up the defense line. when the trenches are clear buy some light anti infantry tanks. let them rush at the arty in the hills. 3 of them will take out the arty. fight your way up the hill into the enemy base. massacre them all. win. try to disable heavy tanks with your infantry. dont try to kill them with your tanks. its pointless. when you disabled a heavy tank, try to repair it. a welcome add in the battle.

i hope this basic walkthrough helps.

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