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Default Graphics issue in long battles (the legend)

Hi everybody, maybe this has been signaled and solved already but I have a weird issue with KBTL. I decided to play the game once again on my new PC, but when I go into long battles an issue arises with Lina's chargers (and since I play no loss long battles and abuse of chargers is quite common). After 30-40 rounds the chargers become semi-transparent, end the hexes where my units can move to become differently highlighted. After another 20 rounds or so the chargers become completely invisible. Once I got to round 100 or so and the game crashed. Since some battles really can't AFAIK be won no loss without going for many, many rounds I would like to know if there's a solution, since otherwise I suppose I'll be better off giving up right away.

Video card is a GeForce GT 730, KBTL is the Nobilis release v 1.7 build 35234
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