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Originally Posted by Shadowdrake View Post
@loreangelicus: how did you get 900K by Day 5?!
I have read in other posts that money might be a problem on impossible mode, but even using a paladin, I did not actively increase money-generating skills and never had problems with gold.

Here are the things that contributed to my money:

1) As bucazaurus said, on a no-casualty run, you won't be losing money replenishing troops due to casualties.

2) I went with Marauders early on, but I did drop them after buying the Ancient Amulet and Gladiator Sword.

3) By some sheer luck, I picked up Sacrifice on a battle at the marshes. As such, I don't even need to buy new troops.

4) I killed everything; well almost everything. Before leaving for Ellinia, the following are the only enemies left alive:
* Island of Freedom: all dead except for one enemy near the starting castle used for the no-army-suicide trick
* 4 areas of Darion: all dead except for last two fights of the warrior test
* dwarven lands: all dead except for the two "double" battles which is best done with Dryads from Ellinia, and at the highest leadership and level possible to generate more XP
* Demonis: pretty much intact, except I killed off two enemies to save travel time later on (I had extra time to kill before I headed off to Ellinia; of note, these are the toughest battles that I fought against because I wasn't really in a position level-wise and leadership-wise to take them on)

5) Keeper of Light level 3 (as a supplement to Learning level 3), but that was done more for the added XP in killing the undead and demons.

6) I use suppressable items that run contrary to what complements them. For example, been using King's Hammer in a non-dwarven army; that generates 12,000+ gold every suppression battle (aside from 2,080 XP).

Currently cleared all enemies in Ellinia that could only be reached by boat, half of Magic Valley, the whole of Great Forest, and finishing up on Grey Wasteland; I'm up to 2,200,000+ gold, so money really isn't a problem in this game.

*** update 10-10-2009***
Just attached a screenshot wherein I have 2,465,000 gold, and I'm essentially just a bit past clearing half of Ellinia and Death Lands. That's a big jump from the 976,000 gold I had at the start of Ellinia. Bigger and tougher enemies mean more gold/XP.

Nothing gives you more gold than fighting battles; also, no quest reward could supplement the XP you get from killing enemies. So don't skip battles, it is possible to kill these enemies if you just try; I think my going this far in the game on impossible mode without casualties is proof enough. And that's using a paladin, which most people on these forum consider as the weakest of the 3 classes.

Skipping battles sets you up to be even weaker as the game progresses, forcing you to skip even more battles.

NOTE: Well, I did skip ONE battle; the Emerald Green Dragon in the tutorial missions at the very start. Not such a big gold/XP loss though, especially in light of the 30 Black Dragons stacks I'm fighting late in the game.
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