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Originally Posted by loreangelicus View Post
There is a different approach though; you could still do the no-army-suicide trick to go back to Darion from Islands of Freedom, but you really shouldn't be avoiding battles, especially if aside from a 7 Day game you also want a high score.

Attached is a screenshot of my paladin at Ellinia, Day 5, level 20 (since I killed practically everything in Darion and Islands of Freedom), with Demonesses with High morale that only Anga's Ruby could provide; this is also on Impossible difficulty and a no-casualties run as well.

I'm not yet finished, still clearing out Ellinia, then will proceed to the Death Lands; I might create a detailed FAQ after and post it to show how to do this.

So when in freedom isles first time do explore and pick up all the flags or just rush to lucky James, will u have time to explore demonis and pick up everythig on freedom in one day ?
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