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It is very very very very long. I'm mixed; I liked some of the ideas (leveling troupes) but the back-tracking to hades (which is painful to reach) is a bit annoying. As in most of the games the scaling is off a bit; I played mage impossible and there were only one or two fights after the 'boss spider' where i loss troupes and I think only one fight where I goofed enough that I had to reload but most of the 100+ fights were pretty easy.
I think some of the new quests (and items) in ice and fire were interesting but I was never esp fond of warrior north change in companion/rage skill.
There is still one very annoying crash bug when you kill a sheep with rage skill it will consistently crash; very (too easy) to reproduce. Had a couple of other crashes but they were not too frequent; just had to remember not to use rage skill on sheeps (specifically hilda's arrows).
Would I play again; I'm not sure I like the first two (legend/crossroad) a lot better (must have played both of them 50+ times).
Did I get my money worth; hell yes the game is very long and it wasn't till 2/3 through that I was getting piss off at hades but the balance really needs work - I think mage impossible is the hardest setting (unless warrior is harder than mage in this version) and it was pretty easy.
What's next: I think I'll try dark side - i'm hearing pretty good things about it but I am also hearing it needs a bit of work on balance side.
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