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Originally Posted by clone9cz View Post
I can write thousand words ... whatever
It's wonderful that we will have a fully-flyable He-177. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project.

BUT, the process of making the He-177 fully flyable would also be an excellent opportunity to fix some serious damage model bugs.


Damage endcap for fuselage doesn't show internal structure.

Wings are incredibly fragile given size and the fact that the He-177 was designed so that it could make glide bombing attacks.

Hooks for engine smoke effect are triggered by breaking outer wing.

Vertical stabilizer is much harder to break than horizontal stabilizers.

Control surfaces are incredibly easy to damage or break given size.

Engines can't be set on fire.

Oil coolers & tanks not modeled.

Engine nacelles break off off in unrealistic fashion when they take fatal damage.

Destroying engine also causes engine nacelle & all wing parts to break.
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