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And then a win. I got shot up and flew into some trees after downing a few Bf109s, but I did enough damage to other aircraft and distracted the blue AI enough so that they were able to finish off every last 109 and 110 with nine Migs left to spare.

Once the zooming and booming gig is over and they catch up to your altitude, then head for the deck and drag them down with you, that way the other Migs can come in no matter what altitude they are at and start mowing them down.

Stay on the outskirts of the main battle and pick them off as long as you can with as many wingmen as you can get close to, then when whatever is left of the main blue force comes after you there will be some Migs left to hit them in numbers. Nice if it would play out that way every time, but it is not likely.

Good luck.....
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