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A nice balance is 32 Mig3ud ace AI vs. 16 bf110D and 16 Bf109F2 fighters.

I put the gunpods on the Mig3 because the ability to quickly knock-out an enemy aircraft with one pass seems to be crucial in which AI comes out on top.

The German aircraft will still easily win if it is only AI against AI, but with you flying and distracting two or more of the German aircraft the Migs almost always win.

The flaw in the AI is that instead of just one pair of fighters going after the human pilot, up to three or more pairs will go after the human pilot, so up to six or more enemy aircraft can be tied up going after one human, a serious flaw in the AI programming.

So all you do is fly around and take a few pot-shots at passing blue fighters and that triggers them to come after you. Once I have a "following" I usually break for the ground where the AI is not as comfortable as a human and I can keep my share busy or shoot them down until the rest of the Red team is free and comes to my aid....
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