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Originally Posted by Music View Post
Cheers, Do you fly on line as Jumoschwanz? I'm il-2Crew online now, (much better name), & currently fly on the AleXserver, say hi if you are on there some time.
I have not flown on Hyperlobby as Jumoschwanz for years since I had a dispute with some of it's moderators, but I still used that handle when joining by direct IP, such as Vinni_Pu server or some others that were not on Hyperlobby.

I have not flown online hardly at all for a year or so after a member of a squad I belonged to for years died of cancer, he was the one who ran our server and after he was gone the squad quit flying.

Maybe before the snow melts this spring I will try getting online, but I am rusty and I have trouble with my eyes now, I can not see good at the distance a computer monitor is usually at from my eyes. Just like in real life, if a IL2 pilot can not see good he is screwed....

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