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Originally Posted by ytareh View Post
Can not get into ANY flight sim other than this !I think its immortal!Been around since the beginning give or take a year or two .Used fly with JG5 .High alt two hour missions + were EPIC .I still fire it up at least once a month -a far cry from hours every night religiously .

Yes, ten to twenty years ago we spent too much time flying this sim. I have a screen-shot of the stats page for Spits vs. 109s server saved from February 2008 and that month I flew 37 hours, a few others flew over 40 hours, and one pilot named Mux flew 109 hours!!!

I loved the missions on hard-settings server where I would take off in a fighter with a bomb, fly at high-alt over the front line and drop it on a target, then hunt for and shoot down one or two other fighters before returning home safely. The stat I was most proud of in 2008 that month was completing 86% plus of 101 missions on hard settings safely, while most all other online pilots listed averaged about 50% over far fewer missions.

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