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And yet again, Freak Of Nature brings news to this forum! Great

I'll try to translate some of the parts, but my Russian skills are questionable .

Denis Malcev (1C) saying: Rig'n'Roll is a sequal to Hard Truck, and Hard Truck 2 (I don't know how to translate this in English, because all games are just Rig'n'Roll basically ). It's about races, that happens on huge highways. With or without the load (smiles) . The way you like it.
Reporter: I'm interested in new economical regime, that basically never existed in Rig'n'Roll games - it was usually all about the racing.
Denis: First I must say, that there is an economical regime, and it will make Rig'n'Roll into an icon instantly. This regime is very complete - here we have the map of our world. Our target is to get to the top on this list of transport firms. How do we get there? We need to hire drivers. Now we can get only one driver.. No, wait, we can't even get him (tries to hire driver).... Because our rank is to low... That is, player and other drivers have ranks.
Reporter: How do we increase it?..
Denis: Player increases his rank by delivering loads, or winning races.

Then he talks about police work, damage and need of repairs and gas. Looks up the nearest repair place, it's to far away, so he calls help service (everything's pretty much like in Hard truck 2 ).

Reporter: ...can you give out us some secrets, like... There was never basically any scenario in game...
Denis: The game starts when Nikalaj comes to California, where he meets his old friend Mathew. Mathew owes to Nikalaj for something (and that has to do something with rank system, didn't understood), so he is thankful and helps Nikalaj to start his own transport business. After some time, when Nikalaj's already busy with his business, Mathew disappears. Nikalaj is worried and tries to find out, where did his friend disappeared. Somewhere along the way appears journalist - girlfriend of a trucker...
Reporter: Love story...
Denis: Not necessarily a love story. That is, there is couple of variations. The story can develop with love story, and without it. It all depends on player.
Reporter: About the looks of the game, and how much there is to be done? It looks quite finished..
Denis: Yes, the game is practically finished, the only things left to do, is to polish a little bit, and release it, when the time for it comes...

Well, when I think about it, I've translated pretty much all interview . Uh, haven't listened to Russian that intensely for a very long time .

My own remarks:
*Nothing can be said about sound - noise levels are way to high.
*Game physics. Well, I'm not sure about the handling of the trucks (it's easier to judge, when you steer the wheel), sometimes it looks strange though. And as for collisions... I like them . I mean, maybe they are not perfect, but it's a huge leap from Hard truck 2, and all that car-locking action
*I really like the economy mode. We could already see a lot from some of these screens. The way I understand it is - we buy trucks (fleet), hire employees, and put them in the trucks (way better, than in Hard Truck 2 and all that "hunt for drivers" ). The way I understand, we can't hire drivers, who's rank is bigger, than ours. It also looks, that we have to buy our right to trade with cities (like in Eurotruck). At least the map shows green/white cities, and there is "Manage Branches" tab.
*I'm really intrigued with the story mode - it can actually make the game to go somewhere, instead of just driving around and repeating same actions over and over again (that used to happen with HT2 ;/). And the fact, that storyline is somewhat dependent on player action makes it really interesting.

All in all, I'm happy with the video . All this post took up way more time, than I intended . But... But I still have hunger for international release date. At least provide us with some information. Is this the time, they're searching for/negotiating with possible publishers?

We need it too .
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