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this time I started installation from DVD, but with game uninstalled I can see it in Steam library and I have an option to install it from there.
I supposed that STEAM install in Cztch, no?
Which leads to the conclusion that the problem is in this version, probably you're the first to try to use the toe brakes JU88 in Czech.

Sound crazy, but if you use KEYS tab for assign axis to right/left brakes?

In English version are the problem that box for set convergences are inverted (fixed with TF patchs).

Vertical is Horizontal and -Vice-versa.

This Printscreen problem is know since first release, work in some computers, in another no (On my never work, you see the "micro-pause", but screens are not saved).

Solution: Remap screenshoot function for another key, I use F-12.
In this case you dont notice "micro-pause".

For default F-12 is used by STEAM for screenshoot, to avoid save in duplicity, remap/remove STEAM key.

Game screenshots are saved in .BMP in ...\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover (- MOD if used)\screenshots

STEAM screenshots are saved in .JPG ( in... \Steam\userdata\22405538\760\remote\224780\screens hots

These folders numbers are not for CloD, but is similar, when you find the folder, make a shortcut, or see screenshots inside STEAM.

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