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Default 200FPS in COD yes it is possible

I have been playing around with Radeon Pro and different crossfire profiles. I know this has been discussed before but I thuoght I'd bring it up again.

I finally got COD running my 4 cards at 99% and getting 200FPS+ consistently with everything on high on the coast and 100FPS+ in land over cities. (mirrors off - mirrors drops to 20FPS)
It looks like the development team need to do some serious collaboration with Nvidia and ATI driver teams to help finalise the last performance issues, especially with SLI/Crossfire optimisation.

I still get some serious hitching with stutters and sometimes long pauses but the overall performance is now very playable again by forcing dx10 AFR mode with Radeon Pro.

I have ATI Cat 11.5b and CAP4 installed.

Seems some multiplayer servers I can get smooth high FPS too but others i get really long 20sec pauses and inconsisitent FPS between zero and 100FPS.
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