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Originally Posted by DoolittleRaider View Post
200 FPS

I am Not a technical person, but I thought that:

1. The human eye can't discriminate/appreciate anything over 72-75FPS; some say 60FPS is limit

2. The limit for the normal LCD monitor is 60FPS...and I'd guess that 95% of folks these days have 60Hz LCD's.

3. I've read that there is absolutely no visible difference between 60 and 200FPS, if you have a 60Hz LCD monitor.

Sooooo...if I am even close to understanding those three matters, I have NO idea what your 200 FPS achievement actually means........?!?

Can you explain?
Firstly its just a statement that the COD engine is capable of great things.

Secondly, your almost right regarding perception of 60FPS.

Though thats another can of worms... I will say though that the human eye can definitely perceive in excess of 200FPS and I can attest to that. Especially where panning motion is involved or fast action.

See the below extract and following link for more interesting information.

"The Human Eye perceiving 220 Frames Per second has been proven, game developers, video card manufacturers, and monitor manufacturers all admit they've only scratched the surface of Frames Per Second."

Part 1
Part 2

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