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Originally Posted by FS~Phat View Post
Though thats another can of worms... I will say though that the human eye can definitely perceive in excess of 200FPS and I can attest to that. Especially where panning motion is involved or fast action.
Well, with regards to that can of worms, how many FPS you're getting is irrelevant if its above your monitors refresh rate.

So if you have an LCD monitor thats 60hz, or 60fps. Even if the game is running at 999fps, your still only seeing 60fps, because thats all your monitor can display. If you have an old CRT laying around, or a 120hz tv or monitor, you can mess around with different hz settings and see what the actual difference 120fps is over 60fps, or 60 vs 30 (hint, its very noticeable.) But 200fps wont make a difference until you have a display that can handle 200hz.
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