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Default Ju 88 Totenhand

Having revised the "Snake" Stukas, it seems appropriate to revisit the Bf 110 Totenhand and finally correct its stationary propeller hubs. The bony fingers that extended to the top of the engine cowlings, which I originally omitted, are being added as well.

Until I can finish, I thought this Ju 88A-4 could serve in the interim. Both planes belonged to Sturzkampfgeschwader 77 (12./St.G 77), the emblem of which (aside from the Totenhand) was a profile of Oberst G√ľnther Schwartzkopf, a former Kommodore, silhouetted on a heraldic shield. In early 1943, the Staffel was reorganized and the Bf 110 transferred to southern Russia. The unit itself was disbanded in May of that year.

This Ju 88 is coded S2+LA, the "A" signifying that it belonged to the Geschwader Stab. It is therefore likely that the "L," the plane's identifying letter, and the propeller hubs were colored blue.

The original photograph can be found at FalkeEins, a blog on the Luftwaffe and World War II aviation. The template derives from the exquisite construction by CheckMySix, (my having added only the airplane coding and emblems), and can be found here.

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