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To Sirlancelot:
Play as you normal would, I think using chaos damaging spells would surprise me if a paladin can get so much use of that. It's up to u. It would be more important for a Mage to test damaging spells.

BTW, I'm changing the medals a bit for v1.45
- Iron Knight (warrior): The spells needed are now: 'Haste', 'Precision', 'Battle Cry' and 'Awaken Dragon'
- Holy Knight (Paladin): The spells needed are now: 'Healing', 'Peacefulness', 'Bless' and 'Holy Light'.
- larger amount of spells needed for each hero class for medal leveling.
- Grand Strategy: Now no longer measures 'no loss', instead numbers of enemy pirates slain. This is to help player use other strategies than always using strong units for 'no loss'. It also fit the story.

Holy Knight idea: I might change bonus to 10-20-30% Damage for the 3 holy warriors but add 2-4-5 Mana and Rage. Warrior and Mage get a bonus they always can use (rage/Mana) but not the Paladin. He might not have the boosted troops.

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