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Originally Posted by raknefne View Post
- Grand Strategy: Now no longer measures 'no loss', instead numbers of enemy pirates slain. This is to help player use other strategies than always using strong units for 'no loss'. It also fit the story.

Holy Knight idea: I might change bonus to 10-20-30% Damage for the 3 holy warriors but add 2-4-5 Mana and Rage. Warrior and Mage get a bonus they always can use (rage/Mana) but not the Paladin. He might not have the boosted troops.
Fantastic idea. And I'm really grateful for it.

Hmm, I prefer the damage bonus rather than a bit more rage/mana. You can access to plenty of mana & rage by getting the appropiate skills, specially Absolute Balance.

Thinking about improvements, maybe Glory last tier could give a larger amount of leadership. I use to ignore this skill in vanilla, because the runes it cost are more much valuable than the leadership increments, specially at later stages of the game. +700 leadership is not big deal at that point.
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