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Originally Posted by raknefne View Post
I have changed the Paladin skill 'Glory' to Leadership 100-450-900 (was 100-350-700). Mind Runes 5-7-9 ( was 6-7-8 ). Is it enough, would u sometimes develop it?

Wonder about the Mage medal 'Fire Mage' if it is ok with Fire Arrow, Shroud, Hell Fire and Fireball. $?!?
Could be other name than FireMage, 'Magician', with more used spells like Fire Arrow, Poison Scull, Ice Snake, call of nature and Slow (mage has 3 of the spells from start). I noticed I often cast FireArrow just for the medal and nothing else,
with the Slow, Poison Scull included I will probably less think of medalling and just play (I hope).
It is also possible to make Ice Snake and Call of Nature count as double. That can be done with other expensive spells too: Life light, Divine armor, awake dragon...

Any comments on Warrior and Paladin spells to use for the medals (Iron Knight / Holy Knight)?

I'll leave the paladin bonus for Holy Knight as it is for now.

With the new changes, all hero classes can start working on medals from the start. The Warrior had to develop Distortion fast to start working on medals, and often it was spells you didnt need, just for the medals, like Berserker etc.

- it is sort of lame or zombie-like casting spells just for medals and nothing else...
Well, I actually like (love) to cast Berserker sometimes, its usefulness is very situational but when it does the job as intended is both funny and lethal.

But yes, the selection of spells you mention are more reasonable.

Glory tier three granting 900 leadership is more appealing, yes. Although I would raise that quantity a bit more, up to 1000. As a level 21 paladin now I'm getting around 325-350 points of leadership per level already, and the rune cost for Glory level three is 21 mind runes.

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